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There are a number of exercise styles available including

or try out one of our FREE 30 day Challenges all available online.

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Classes designed for those that may be new to pilates.  
We start movements from their basic level and add on layers throughout, allowing you to challenge and push yourself to where you feel comfortable. This class style will help you build your confidence in pilates movements and you will begin to see yourself improving with each and every class.

However, these classes are no walk in the park, there will be sweat, there will be huffing and puffing and we cannot promise that you won't be sore tomorrow.

vibe PLUS

VIBE Plus classes are tailored to looking for that little extra challenge. These classes include more complex movements challenging balance, stability, and flexibility as well as the addition of more intermediate layers to exercises for those wanting more difficult options.

And of course, we cannot forget the numerous bursts of cardio throughout, to get those heart rates up!


Struggling to find the time for a full workout? 

Don't worry!  We guarantee our 20-minute express classes will give you that full-body burn!
We have a mixture of express classes; with and without equipment, that provide minimal rest periods and those bursts of cardio you are looking for so you are able to squeeze them into your busy schedule.



vibe YOGA

Vinyasa yoga is a practice of yoga that takes poses from the traditional Ashtanga yoga series and employs the creativity of the yoga teacher to create flows using these poses.

Our yoga flows guide you through the poses slowly at first, holding poses for longer to become familiar in body and space before repeating the sequence. This allows greater focus on breath, movement and fostering fire in the body.


Vinyasa loosely translates to one breath one movement. Our slow flows allow for more focus on breath, quietening down the mind and opening up the heart and the body.

Power flows are a combination of longer holds in postures and an increase in the pace of sequences by pairing each movement with each breath.



vibe HIIT

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. This style of class is run with interval timing, where there is a set work time and rest time.  These classes use full-body, high-intensity movements with quick rest breaks in order to keep that heart rate high and get that sweat on. If you are after a short and sharp session that will get you puffed quickly, this is the style for you!





vibe STRENGTH classes are equipment based classes focusing on improving our muscular strength. These sessions are interval based with a timer included in the classes for you to follow through the exercises with me.

The purpose of strength training is to increase our bodies ability to move weight over time. Strength training helps increase bone mineral density, manage symptoms of chronic disease and help improve our overall training and practice. The body adapts to strength training by increasing our ability to produce force as well as the contractile function and coordination of our muscles.


If you don't have dumbbells or equipment, there are a number of alternatives around the house that can be used as resistance; 
for example; filling a shopping bag with canned goods as a kettlebell or using 1L filled water bottles as dumbbells.





Try out one of vibes free online challenges! There are 3 different challenges available including the

30 Day Ab Challenge,

30 Day Booty Challenge,

and the Lockdown Challenge.

Each of these include a small and achievable amount of movement each day for a specific amount of time and encourage you to stay motivated and committed to moving your body everyday of the challenge.

Come along and give them a try!


Let us help you.

We have some highlight packages providing some tips and tricks that you can add to your own workouts. 

Work that booty with our Legs and Bum session or shred that belly with our killer Ab workout!